Overwatch League 2020 Playoffs Announced

The Overwatch League is gearing up for the approaching postseason with the qualifying matches for their final regular season tournament, the Countdown Cup, kicking off this weekend. After that, two more weeks of regular matches will be played before the playoffs begin. Finally, the league announced details for the postseason including the format, location and prize pool.

Like the league has been doing all season since transitioning to the online format, and with the tournaments, the playoffs will be split into two regions – North America and Asia. The format will include a play-in bracket with the lower seeds in each region getting the opportunity to get into the double-elimination bracket. Over the course of two weeks, the play-ins and playoffs will produce four remaining teams, two from North America and Two from Asia.

In some great news, the two North America teams will travel to Asia so all four teams can play on the same server. This is great for the utmost competitive integrity and the opportunity to see players possibly play on a stage (without a crowd, most likely). Those four teams will compete in a double-elimination bracket before one is crowned Overwatch League 2020 Grand Finals Champion.

Championship trophy aside, there is a hefty prize pool available for a number of teams. Teams reaching the double-elimination play for their regions will get $75,000 while the third place teams of each region will get $250,000. Fourth place overall will receive $350,000 and third place overall will get $450,000. Finally, the championship runner-ups will net $750,000 and the Grand Finals Champions will get a hefty sum of $1.5 million.

The Overwatch League had a lot to overcome in the 2020 season after the promise of the homestand format was shut down quickly. Since then, the league has tinkered with various tournaments to great success and with the Grand Finals being played on a single server, the 2020 season has turned out quite alright. The playoffs begin on September 3rd and it is sure to be something special.

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