Ubisoft launches collegiate Rainbow Six Siege with FACEIT and CORSAIR

Ubisoft has announced the launch of its proprietary collegiate esports league, Ubisoft Collegiate Esports, which will premiere with Rainbow Six Siege.

The competition is set to kick off this month in partnership with esports platform FACEIT, which will operate the program as part of the new North American ecosystem, and computer hardware company CORSAIR, the premiere sponsor of the league. Origin PC, a subsidiary of CORSAIR, has also been named as a sponsor.

School clubs will be able to register themselves and begin competing in a variety of local and cross-continent programs. No online schools would be permitted to join, according to a release. Registered clubs will be able to host intramural matches, viewing parties, and live events, and manage members, teams, matches, and results through the platform.

Additionally, schools will be able to nominate one team to represent them at the Rainbow Six Collegiate championship, which will have a $30,000 (£23,800) prize pool and additional hardware prizes supplied by Origin PC and CORSAIR.

In May, Ubisoft announced both the Rainbow Six North American League and the Rainbow Six European League, following the dissolution of the Rainbow Six Pro League.

Its partnership with FACEIT comes just one month after the tournament platform and event organiser launched its own collegiate esports division led by Duran Parsi, the founder of Collegiate Starleague

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