G2 Esports, paysafecard extend partnership into fifth year

Long-standing partners G2 Esports and payments platform paysafecard have announced yet another annual extension to their alliance, adding a fifth total year to their cooperation.

G2 Esports will continue to promote the paysafecard platform via social media and streaming branding, along with content and events partnerships.

Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez, CEO of G2 Esports, commented in a release: “paysafecard is one of the main reasons why we’ve been able to accomplish everything we’ve accomplished. Their support has been outstanding from day one. I wish nothing but to keep making them happy over many years and to keep representing their brand and values as accurately as possible.”

The companies recently collaborated on the G2 Esports European Brawl II online tournament for Riot Games’ Valorant, which attracted a peak of 68,000 viewers.

Konstantinos Maragkakis, Esports Media Representative for paysafecard, added: “Esports has been in our DNA since paysafecard was founded 20 years ago. Gaming enthusiasts have been one of our core consumer groups from the beginning and we are committed to providing them with a safe and secure eCash payment solution for the world of online entertainment. Partnerships with major industry players like G2 Esports are an integral part of our strategy to connect with our consumers and support an industry that we love.”

This is one of the most storied partnerships in esports, and as G2’s star has risen in recent years, so has the value of its collaboration with paysafecard. In an industry in which many sponsors come and go and change alliances over the years, it’s good to see such an intrinsic partnership endure.

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