Confetti Institute launches esports production degree

This coming September, Nottingham’s Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies will be offering a new three-year degree course on esports production.

The degree “specialises in the live production and broadcasting technology of esports events,” according to a release.

Confetti aims to provide a unique learning experience to its students. Through the course, students have the opportunity to attend talks hosted by notable esports production companies such as Unequalled Media, Rockstar Games, Sumo Digital, and Deep Silver Dambusters to receive actionable insights on the industry.

Craig Chettle MBE, CEO of Confetti, spoke on the qualification in a release: “This degree will equip graduates with a range of skills, acquired in an industry setting and endorsed by industry. We believe this new degree puts us at the forefront of esports education and sets an ambition for Nottingham to become an emerging UK centre for esports.”

The degree has received an official endorsement from the British Esports Association and is backed by Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch. Lasting for three years, it will take advantage of having access to Confetti’s Metronome venue, but it will also focus on online delivery – even more apt considering the current status of esports due to COVID-19.

Andy Payne OBE, Chair of British Esports Association, added: “We are so delighted to see top-class educational institutes such as Confetti getting involved in the esports education space, and are thrilled to be partnering with them for this degree course. We’re sure students will really benefit from this and are looking forward to seeing how they contribute to the esports and digital industries in the future.”

The esports production degree could help usher in the next wave of production staff in the industry, which is always a great thing. It’ll be interesting to see who worked with Confetti to produce the curriculum offered by the degree, as esports has developed a lot over its short lifespan and appears to be ever-changing so it requires knowledge from those with their fingers on the pulse.

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