University Esports connects with Mexican telecoms giant Telcel

Mexican telecommunications company Telcel has become connectivity partner of collegiate esports league University Esports Mexico.

The deal will see Telcel provide its 4G network to enable students to participate in the inaugural season of the league, set to begin later in 2020.

Founded in 2015, University Esports began its esports league with Spanish universities before expanding throughout Europe, and most recently, into Latin America. While European iterations of the league have been managed by Spanish technology company GGTech Entertainment, University Esports Mexico will be operated by its Latin American branch.

César Roses, CEO of GGTech Entertainment LATAM, spoke on the partnership in a release: “The League demands technical and connection requirements for the entire country, necessary to successfully bring this first edition of University Esports to a territory as extensive as Mexico.

“Having a great ally such as Telcel, the largest and with national coverage, in addition to the state-of-the-art technology it offers, allows us to reach all the mobile devices of the competitors and especially the community of gamers and esports fans of Mexico and Latin America, main objective of the project.”

Registrations for the league opened on August 10th, with the format, prize pool, and games set to be revealed at a later date.

In February, Amazon partnered with GGTech Entertainment and The Nuel to launch Amazon University Esports. The initiative, at the time, expected to see participation from other 200 universities from across the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy.

Telcel entering Latin American collegiate esports has the potential to be extremely positive. The LATAM market has been growing in recent years and having Telcel involved could be the catalyst for more esports talent to emerge from the region. 

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