Raven secures merchandise license for Call of Duty League

Esports apparel brand Raven has received the license to design, manufacture, and sell apparel using Call of Duty League’s official logo and those of the franchised teams. 

This deal was announced the same day as the first two matches of Call of Duty League’s playoffs; Raven’s first apparel will be a limited run of merchandise focused around Call of Duty Championship Weekend.

Sam Wells, Managing Director of Raven, spoke on the agreement in a release: “We are delighted to announce Raven as an official merchandise licensee of the Call of Duty League. The Call of Duty League Championship t-shirt is a glimpse of what we have in store and we’re excited to show fans what is planned for the future.”

The new shirts will also feature all 12 teams logos on the backside with the Call of Duty trophy front and centre. Following the Championship Weekend apparel, the apparel manufacturer will create unique apparel collections for each of the teams in the league.

Unique apparel collections will go a long way in giving teams, still fighting for fans in the first season of the Call of Duty League, a look of their own to stand out from the pack. The league previously partnered with ULT, a lifestyle apparel brand which also works with the Overwatch League, to create the Night Shift collection which highlighted various franchises.

Teams in the Call of Duty League have also sought out apparel partners of their own. London Royal Ravens fittingly also has a deal in place with Raven to provide merchandise for the team.

 One of the unique benefits of franchised leagues is to build out new branding around teams. While it can be hard to get fans to sign on to new organisations, unique apparel collections go a long way in establishing – and supporting – fans of the teams. Raven and ULT seem like they will have that covered for the CDL going forward.

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