KT Rolster’s Aiming pulls off hilarious Baron steal against Afreeca Freecs with Jhin’s ultimate

In today’s playoff-deciding LCK series between KT Rolster and Afreeca Freecs, AD carry Aiming pulled off an almost-impossible Baron steal late into their third and final match of the day.

Forty-five minutes into the game, both League of Legends teams were locked in a stalwart battle where the kills, gold, and towers were practically even. As Afreeca started up the Baron, KT began to posture around the pit to try and contest.

But KT’s positioning wasn’t too ideal for a proper fight and the only way for them to steal it would be a miracle blast plant and smite from Malrang—or a perfect shot from Jhin’s ultimate.

As the Baron’s health dwindled lower and lower, Aiming activated Jhin’s Curtain Call, causing three of Afreeca’s players to crowd around the back of the pit to try to block the bullets. Everything should have run smoothly for the Freecs, but they grouped too tightly and the final Jhin bullet managed to squeak past every player to snatch the buff away.

Both Nick “LS” De Cesare and Brendan Valdes yelled out in shock at what they witnessed before bursting into fits of laughter. A routine Baron take was flubbed because of the “collective failure” of Afreeca and now they had to deal with both Baron and Infernal Soul on their opponents.

Luckily for Afreeca fans, their team still managed to come away with the victory six minutes later. It was a bloody affair with 45 kills across both teams, but they were finally able to raise their fists in triumph.

Afreeca also locked in their spot in the 2020 LCK Summer Split playoffs. They’ll play in the first round on Wednesday, Aug. 26.

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