LCK highlights ikssu’s Gnar play in latest Mad Movie clip

The LCK production team is back with another weekly Mad Movie. During the first match of the LCK, the team releases breathtaking snippets of previous League of Legends matches.

Earlier today, LCK fans were treated to an amazing one-vs-two clip from SP’s ikssu on Gnar against DRX. If you’re a Gnar connoisseur, this clip is perfect to help you to understand how not to panic and calculate your movies to take down enemies in seemingly unwinnable fights.

Ikksu engaged on the enemy Renekton but quickly backed off when he saw Kindred. He didn’t use his ultimate in the engage, expecting Renekton to join soon as well. Once Renekton tried to dash in, ikksu instantly stopped him and Kindred at the same time, finishing her with a Q into an auto attack before running away.

Ikssu is one of the oldest top laners in the LCK. While his play hasn’t been spectacular this split, he does have some shining moments where he pops off and shows opponents what he’s capable of. This clip of his calm-thinking about his decisions proves that. He used Gnar’s kit perfectly to take down Kindred in a one-vs-two fight and ran away unscathed.

Although this is the last week of the LCK regular season, League fans can likely look forward to another impressive Mad Movie highlight reel from the league’s production team when the playoffs start.

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