Top Esports’ JackeyLove releases song for charity project called LPL Cares

JackeyLove, a former League of Legends world champion and current ADC superstar for LPL team Top Esports, has released a song in conjunction with the LPL Cares initiative and the One Foundation charity that will help raise awareness and monetary support for disadvantaged youth in China.

The song is titled “Pray” (depending on the translation, the song could also be read as “Wish”) and features JackeyLove’s vocals layered over a low-key but emotional pop instrumental. The lyrics of the song are meant to be inspirational and read as JackeyLove “praying” for these young kids’ brighter futures.

The song was released on Chinese music streaming platform y.qq. To access this site and JackeyLove’s version of “Pray,” a y.qq membership is required, but this is only achievable for Chinese residents. The song has been re-uploaded to SoundCloud, however, and can be found in InvenGlobal’s article about the song.

TES have been a busy team over the past split. In addition to putting out this banger for charity, they’ve released a shampoo commercial for L’Oréal and have been featured models in fashion magazine Esquire Fine.

Of course, between all of this extra promotional content, TES have also all but secured their spot at the upcoming World Championship. They’re tied with JD Gaming for the most LPL championship points and only need to secure one more series win to officially qualify for Worlds.

TES face Suning this weekend in the LPL Summer Split semifinals.

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