ESL One Cologne 2020: All Teams, Streams, and Results (UPDATED)

The ESL One Cologne 2020 takes place this year completely online and is already in full swing. We will show you where you can watch the games and keep you informed about all results.

Next to the CS:GO Majors the ESL One Cologne is one of the most important events for the CS:GO scene. Due to the difficult situation around COVID-19 this event has to take place completely online this year. For this reason, the tournament was divided into four separate regions: North AmericaEuropeAsia and Oceania. The prize money will also be divided between these regions according to the number of participating teams.

ESL One Cologne 2020: All Streams

Since the whole event is online, the only way to follow the games is to watch the streams. The ESL will broadcast all matches on Twitch as well as their own website.

The streams for Europe and North America have already started on August 18, the Playoffs for these regions are starting on August 27 and the finals will follow on August 30.


Here we will list all results of the ESL One Cologne 2020 for you and update them constantly:

August 23


G2 are progressing to the semis after winning a heavily contested Bo3 against Heroic, in which kennyS and company edged out a 19-17 win on Mirage. Complexity won against Natus Vincere in a clean 2-0 that earned them a playoff spot. NaVi will be playing NIP in the lower bracket.

  • G2 2-1 Heroic
  • Complexity 2-0 Natus Vincere

North America:

Cloud9 outplayed Triumph and sent them off the tournament. The two squads had an evenly matched outing on Dust 2 which went to Triumph, but after strong play on Overpass and Inferno, Cloud9 emerged victorious. JT’s squad is facing Liquid this Wednesday.

  • Triumph 1-2 Cloud9

August 22


Astralis managed to earn their spot at the playoffs after a one-sided 2-0 victory over Vitality. Sprout also earned their place in the playoffs after defeating OG 2-1. After losing to the German-Polish squad, OG still have a chance at staying in the tournament but will have to win against MAD Lions on Wednesday.

  • Vitality 0-2 Astralis
  • Sprout 2-1 OG

North America:

Furia were swift to eliminate Gen.G from the fray with a 2-0 win on Train and Inferno. The Brazilian squad is facing 100 Thieves in the group’s decider.

  • Furia 2-0 Gen.G

August 21


Guess what, we were in for another surprise. Odds-wise, MAD Lions were considered as a big underdog in this event. However, they bested mousesports with ease. An easy 2:0 victory.

FaZe, as always, struggled. However, they came out on top against MiBR with a 2-1 comeback victory.

  • MAD Lions 2-0 mousesports
  • MiBR 1-2 FaZe Clan

North America:

Evil Geniuses are living the dream right now. This time around, they 2-0’ed Liquid easily.

  • Evil Geniuses 2-0 Liquid

August 20


The third day of ESL One Cologne 2020 saw the top contender pack their bags. BIG was eliminated by NiP with a 2-1 scoreline.

Fnatic, however, pulled through as Heretics had nothing to offer on Inferno and Mirage. Another nail-biting 2-1 comeback victory.

  • BIG 1-2 NiP
  • Heretics 1-2 fnatic

North America:

Despite coming to this match as favorites, 100 Thieves did not really play to that standard. Despite this being a competitive game, Chaos proved to be a better team in this one as they sealed the deal with a 2-1 scoreline.

  • Chaos 2-1 100 Thieves

August 19


Unlike day 1 of ESL One Cologne, favorites came through in group B. Firstly, Complexity defeated MAD Lions without dropping a map, 2:0.

Natus Vincere had it easy against mousesports, despite dropping a map. A nice 2-1 comeback victory for the CIS-based roster.

G2 once again proved that they are one of the best franchises in Europe by totally stomping MiBR, leaving them with 6 rounds over the course of 2 maps.

The final match was a surprise, at least from our point of view. Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye had his debut spoiled by Heroic. A relatively easy 2-0 victory for the Danish squad.

  • Complexity 2-0 MAD Lions
  • Natus Vincere 2-1 mousesports
  • MiBR 0-2 G2
  • FaZe Clan 0-2 Heroic

North America:

Evil Geniuses are legit contenders to go all the way in this event. They proved that against Triumph who they defeated without dropping a map.

This time around, Michael ‘Grim’ Wince made a debut. However, Liquid was able to edge out Cloud9 in their opener with a 2-1 victory.

  • Evil Geniuses 2-0 Triumph
  • Cloud9 1-2 Liquid

August 18


If you are a bettor, then the opening day of ESL One Cologne 2020 was a disaster for you. Firstly, one of the biggest underdogs, Sprout, sent the biggest favorite to the lower bracket with a swift 2:0 victory.

On top of that, OG had a very close match against NiP that they won in nail-biting overtime. Victories on Inferno and Mirage sealed the deal for OG, 2-1 victory.

As expected, Vitality moved through Heretics with ease. Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut had an easy game against their rivals with 51 kills over the course of 2 maps. An easy 2:0 victory for Vitality.

Lastly, a wounded Astralis with 2 new members was able to totally outplay fnatic to secure a 2:0 win.

  • BIG 0-2 Sprout
  • OG 2-1 NiP
  • Vitality 2-0 Heretics
  • Fnatic 0-2 Astralis

North America:

Just like the European region, NA was filled with surprises. To start things off, FURIA had a tough game against Chaos. Despite losing 2-0, this game could have easily gone the other way around.

Also, 100 Thieves were in a war against Gen.G. After a hard-fought battle on Vertigo and Nuke, 100 Thieves ended things on Inferno to secure a 2-1 victory.

  • FURIA 0-2 Chaos
  • 100 Thieves 2-1 Gen.G


The format in which the game is played differs between the regions, as there are different numbers of teams participating.

There are 16 teams playing in the EU region and 8 in the NA region, meaning there must be group stages. From these group stages, half of the teams will advance to the playoffs. For both regions, the playoffs are single elimination, so a defeat after the group phase means the end.

EU Groups

Group A:

  • BIG
  • CompLexity
  • MAD Lions
  • Mousesports
  • Na´Vi
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • OG
  • Sprout

Group B:

  • Astralis
  • FaZe Clan
  • Fnatic
  • G2 Esports
  • Heroic
  • Mibr
  • Heretics
  • Vitality

NA Groups

Group A:

  • 100 Thieves
  • Chaos EC
  • Furia
  • Gen.G

Group B:

  • Cloud9
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Team Liquid
  • Triumph

There will be no group phase for the two regions of Asia and Oceania, as only four teams will participate in each. Marked as their Playoff start is August 25th. The Playoffs will be played here with double elimination as best-of-3.

Asia Playoffs

  • TyLoo vs Beyond Esports
  • ViCi Gaming vs Invictus

Oceania Playoffs

  • Renegades vs Chiefs ESC
  • Order vs AVANT

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