The best champions to help you climb the League solo queue ladder

Climbing wasn’t meant to be easy, but ace these champions and you’ll be rising up the ranks.

For a lot of players, ranked can be a frustrating experience in League of Legends. Between the teammates who refuse to coordinate, the vastly different skill levels, and the odd smurf or two, you can sometimes feel like you’re going backward. But there are a few champions, if mastered, that can help you beat the system and take you to the next level.

Below are five champions—one for each role—that will help you climb the ranks. They aren’t all easy to learn, but they’re the kind of champions you’ve probably already been demolished by and wondered “why are they so good?” Once you master these champions, it becomes easier to learn the mechanics of the lane (or jungle) itself and improve yourself as a player—and then the real climb can start.

With this in mind, let’s break down the top five solo que champions for League’s Patch 10.17.

Top lane – Wukong


  • Strong one-vs-one duelist
  • Exceptional sustain via passive
  • High-impact ultimate


  • High mana costs

The Monkey King is back in action after his recent rework. He has ascended to an insta pick-or-ban position from never being picked. The rework has kept the core aspects of his original kit and heavily improved them. The most notable change is the decoy, which did nothing before but now acts as an additional damaging tool, copying Wukong’s abilities and dealing a ton of damage.

Jungle – Hecarim


  • Strong duelist
  • Mobile
  • Easy to play
  • AoE crowd-control ultimate


  • Predictable playstyle

Hecarim rose in the jungle ranks of solo queue silently over the course of the past few patches. As more people realized how strong he is, his pick rate has suddenly increased alongside his win rate.

He is quite easy to play and can be picked up by any player, including non-junglers.

Mid lane – Twisted Fate


  • Global ultimate
  • Flexible build path


  • High mana costs
  • Regardless of AD/AP build, needs time to scale

Twisted Fate has been becoming more popular over the past couple of weeks even though he didn’t receive any significant buffs. High Elo players have found some hybrid builds that make TF extremely strong and more people have picked him up.

While the most popular buildpath remains the AP-focused one, the AD or the new hybrid build are seeing a lot of success as well.

ADC – Caitlyn


  • One of the highest ADC ranges in the game
  • Crowd control
  • Dash which goes over walls


  • Item dependant
  • Gets outscalled by other meta ADCs

Caitlyn’s enormous range and headshots with a guaranteed critical strike always keep her in the meta as one of the best ADCs. It’s easy to last-hit minions with Cait while constantly poking enemies from a range that they can’t respond to. Her traps even provide zoning potential. She also makes positioning in teamfights simple since hitting enemies from the backline isn’t a problem. And in case one of them tries to escape, Ace in the Hole will get them. Caitlyn is simply one of the safest bot lane picks because she’s easy to play and rewarding.

Support – Senna


  • Ranged
  • Infinite scaling
  • Strong utility
  • Global ultimate


  • Squishy
  • No dash

Senna’s kit is unique since she’s a mix between a support and marksman. But she’s mostly been picked as a support since her release. She has high poke and all of her abilities offer protection and aggressive plays. Senna may be squishy, but she can lock down an enemy while keeping her team alive, which is an amazing combination to have.

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