Quincy Crew Take Another Title With ESL One Thailand Americas

ESL One Thailand: Americas came to an end on Sunday and Quincy Crew managed to once again lift the champions trophy claiming yet another title in the region.

ESL One Thailand is more than halfway done as one of the regions already came to an end. The ESL tournament featured Asia and the Americas. The showdown in Asia will continue up until September 6 as the region just entered playoffs. In the Americas region, we already got the results this Sunday.+

ESL One Thailand: Americas

Out of the eight participating teams, only four made it into the playoffs. Quincy Crew didn’t have such an easy run through the event this time. They managed to remain the undisputed leader during the group stage but as soon as the playoffs started, they were knocked down to the lower bracket by 4 Zoomers. To make it to the grand finals, they went through Infamous (2-0) and exacted their revenge on 4 Zoomers (2-0).

In the grand finals laid their last foe – Thunder Predator. This isn’t the first time the two teams meet in the final series as TP and QC had to go against one another during the OGA Dota PIT Season 2. There Quincy Crew took the title and in ESL One Thailand not a lot has changed. Just after three games, the score was set as Quinn “Ccnc” Callahan and his crew took the title.

For their first-place finish in the event, Quincy Crew took home $28,000 and once again the bragging rights for being best in the region. This is the team’s sixth title in a row in the region and EG’s absence is really noticeable at this point. Evil Geniuses were perhaps the only team able to stand up to Quincy Crew, but due to most of the members being from Europe the team is currently competing there in the OMEGA League.

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