Scores and standings for the PUBG Mobile Pro League Americas season 2

The top 16 teams from the regular season will advance to the finals.

The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Americas season two is happening from Sept. 22 to Oct. 25. The 24 teams are competing for a share of the $200,000 prize pool and three spots in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) season zero.

The PMPL Americas is split into two stages: the regular season and the finals. The regular season will be held from Sept. 22 to Oct. 16, with the top 16 teams qualifying for the finals.

Here are the results for the regular season of the PMPL Americas season two.

Overall standings

These are the overall standings of the PMPL Americas 2020 after 15 matches. A total of 78 matches will be played in the regular season.

TeamWWCDMatchesPlace pointsKill pointsTotal
1.G25 GamingFour109067157
2.B4 EsportsThree107866144
3.Ace 1Two106264126
4.Team QuesoThree105762119
5.Tempo StormOne105152103
6.Wildcard GamingOne105942101
7.Meta GamingZero10564096
8.Klaze EsportsZero10542983
9.Loops EsportsZero10314071
10.Alpha7 EsportsZero10383270
11.Tribe GamingZero10264369
13.The UnnamedZero10362763
14.Pittsburgh KnightsZero10372461
15.Nova EsportsZero10372057
18.Influence RageZero10162945
20.BDM EsportsZero10172643
22.Helping Quit AddictionZero10241438
24.Brazilian RampageZero10Nine2130

Scoreboard per match

Day three

Match 15 – Erangel (Groups A and B)

Match 14 – Miramar (Groups A and C)

Match 13 – Sanhok (Groups A and B)

Match 12 – Vikendi (Groups A and C)

Match 11 – Erangel (Groups B and C)

Day two

Match 10 – Erangel (Groups A and B)

Match nine – Miramar (Groups A and C)

Match eight – Sanhok (Groups B and C)

Match seven – Vikendi (Groups A and B)

Match six – Erangel (Groups A and C)

Day one

Match five – Erangel (Groups B and C)

Match four – Miramar (Groups A and B)

Match three – Sanhok (Groups A and C)

Match two – Vikendi (Groups B and C)

Match one – Erangel (Groups A and B)

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