DUMMIEs Big Day limited-time mode returns to Apex Legends—again

Apex Legends’ latest limited-time mode takes the legends out of the equation. DUMMIEs Big Day returned to the battle royale today as part of the September Soiree after its removal from the servers following a game-breaking glitch earlier this month.

The mode lets squads drop in as DUMMIEs—the trademark enemies in the Firing Range—instead of the usual characters. All players in the match have the exact same skill set: a tactical that drops randomized loot, an ultimate that can have a handful of effects, and a mysterious passive.

DUMMIEs Big Day was the first mode in the September Soiree, which will bring a limited-time mode to Apex each week. The celebrations kicked off with DUMMIEs, but Respawn removed the game mode from the rotation shortly after its return due to a bug “that caused server crashes if a player AFKed on character select.”

To fill in for DUMMIEs Big Day, Respawn pushed Kings Canyon After Dark into the rotation. The mode is a foray into a night-time version of Apex‘s titular map as seen in the Shadowfall limited-time mode and in The Broken Ghost, the season five quest.

Last week, the popular Armed and Dangerous limited-time mode made a comeback as part of the Soiree celebrations. Although the mode only lets squads use shotguns and snipers, several players reported finding Volt SMGs and Energy Magazines around the arenas. Respawn fixed the loot pool two days after the mode went live.

The last part of the Soiree could be LIVE. DIE. LIVE., according to data-mined information. The limited-time mode makes significant changes to reviving teammates. Instead of having to use Respawn Beacons, downed players will respawn alongside remaining squad members at the beginning of each round.

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